Why the Enneagram Has Your Number

By Nicola Albini, J.D., M.A.

Many of you have asked me about the significance of the Enneagram. In today's video I shed light on this amazing tool of transformation. The Enneagram is actually much more than a tool; it's a map for self-discovery and self-understanding. 

The word “Enneagram” has its roots in two Greek words: “ennea,” which means nine, and “gram” which means map. In fact, it maps nine different ways in which we experience the world, in which we see the world, in which we receive the world. It's been super helpful in my life and it's been absolutely transformational for my clients as well.

I understand that many of you feel resistance to yet another personality assessment; however, what the Enneagram offers is so much more than just an assessment. It gives us direction for deeper understanding, for the greater truth of who we really are. 

The Enneagram is an amazing model for self-awareness that invites us to expand our self-observation and to really understand who we are at a much more authentic level. In truth, our personalities are just a stage upon which we have the role of playing ourselves. Yet, in no way are our personalities the entirety of who we are... our complexity is much more profound and more beautiful than that. The Enneagram points us in the direction of understanding that complexity so we can express more of our beauty.

This model is also wonderful for navigating our relationships, both personal and business. With this model, we are able to acknowledge why we do what we do, as well as understand why the “other” is doing what she/he is doing. When this understanding occurs, we are finally present enough to create harmony, improved communication, and, ultimately, better results in all our relationships.

So, my friends, now you understand how much I love the Enneagram. If what I've shared resonates for you, please watch this video so we can dive a little deeper together.