If you would like a truly transformative experience designed to eliminate obstacles, expand your awareness, ignite your creativity, and rejuvenate you inside and out, the Private VIP Intensive is for you.


The Ithaca Private Intensive is designed to ignite the leader inside you, deepen your awareness of self, and clarify what you desire most so you can bring it to fruition.

During this 5-Day adventure, you will work hand in hand with me and some trusted healers and trainers to truly transform how you experience and show up in your life. You’ll walk away from the Private Intensive with some practical tools and specific meditation techniques to continue healing past wounds, receiving impeccable clarity around next steps in your life, and feeling a deeper sense of purpose and drive to accomplish what you really dream of.

This work becomes a journey towards self mastery and conscious leadership, where at the end you’ll feel finally you are the captain of your ship and not only you know your direction in life and work but you also will have a different sense of self and others that you have never experienced before.


Day 1: Firm Foundation

You and I will set up a foundation of our work together. We'll set intentions, identify our expectations, and clarify our agreements and commitments to making this process as rewarding as possible for you. This initial meeting sets the tone for the entire week. In addition, I will teach you a meditation technique designed to increase mindfulness and reduce stress. Self Mastery and Leadership begins here.

Day 2: Become the Leader of Your Life

We will take a deeper look at the layers of your Unconditioned Self and your Ego. You’ll learn what it means to be present with the many layers of consciousness available to you. And we will begin exploring how you personally define success and what it means to be successful. From there, we will uncover and eliminate the various limiting beliefs holding you back from experiencing the success you desire in a meaningful way.

We’ll wrap up Day 2 with healing body-work with a trusted practitioner. This work will not only relax you but it will also help clear blocks from your consciousness and effortlessly absorb our work on a deeper level.

Day 3: Breathe and Breakthrough

We’ll begin the day with an invigorating and healing private yoga session with an experienced teacher in a beautiful oasis. Then, we will dedicate some time to private coaching to continue the transformative work from Day 2 and identify next steps in your life. From there, you will have the afternoon to reflect, rest, and envision on your own.

Day 4: Vision, Strategy, and Deeper Goals

What's the vision for our life, your relationships, work and family? How do you wish to experience your days and what goals do you most wish to bring to fruition?

We’ll begin the day crafting a heartfelt vision for your future and mapping out a strategy to bring this vision to reality. Then, we’ll explore the Four Ways of Being in the World to support you in taking ownership of your life, stepping into your greatness, and releasing negative patterns from your past. We will wrap Day 4 with a meaningful conversation about the 15 Commitments of the Conscious Leadership followed by an extraordinary private session of energy clearing with a skilled member of my team.

Day 5: Conclusion, Completion and Creation

Our VIP Retreat will conclude with a powerful session dedicated to releasing old patterns, thoughts, excuses, and fears. This includes a symbolic ceremony of letting go of aspects of yourself that no longer serve you. From this free and clear space, we will set intentions for your future and identify what actions you will commit to take to integrate our work into your everyday life.

Private VIP Intensives are limited. 

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