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the growth & success of their leaders. 

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As a leadership coach with extensive business and competitive athletic experience, I work side-by-side with business leaders to redefine what success means in all areas of their lives. My clients transform their teams, organizations, and personal lives into something extraordinary.

As my client, you will experience increased team and personal performance as well as an increase in your business bottom-line. You’ll also experience, more satisfying professional and personal relationships, the ability to leverage negotiations successfully and gracefully, and a newfound passion for life.

Through a combination of peak performance psychology tools and social-emotional intelligence skills, you’ll find that the success you know will pale in comparison to the success you find. The difference? It will be accompanied by a sense of significance and purpose, and be in clear alignment with your values.



The Enneagram reveals what truly motivates you and why you do what you do. It points out your blind spots and defines your biggest challenges as well as your biggest gifts. The Enneagram is a framework that offers deep insight to individuals, groups and collectives. Self-Aware, emotionally intelligent executives create extraordinary results. 


Values and Vision

Understand and clarify what you value most and what values you want to impart on your leaders. From there, identify how these values  influence the choices you make, your leadership style, and how you communicate with your team as well as your customers. Rely on your core values to communicate powerfully with your team and within your organization. Your values will also serve as a compass for your company's long term vision and purpose.


Conscious Leadership and Culture Change

Adopt and practice the 15 commitments of conscious leaders. Lead and live 'Above the Line' to create a culture of success. Learn to take complete responsibility for your actions and results. Discover why integrity matters. Create a conscious culture through curiosity and clarity. Learn how to make agreements that eliminate drama and create accountability.


Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

Transform your stress into excitement and energy. Learn strategies to eliminate stress and transform stressful circumstances into exciting challenges instead. Understand what the biggest sources of stress are and work on the mental level to release them. Then, work on the inner level to develop mindfulness, breath, and skills to stay present. Resolve conflict through the application of effective tools and skills.


Success all too often comes at the cost of less than optimal health or relationships. I’ll walk you through what it takes to thrive in all areas of your life, without compromising one for the other.

I’m committed to what you’re committed to. We’ll find out what true success means to you—and to your team or organization—and create a plan to make it happen. Together we’ll get you there.

I  work with leaders and organizations who crave next level success, and who are willing to question any way of thinking or being that gets in the way of realizing their full potential. Contact me, and let’s talk about what success means to you and your organization. Then we’ll make it happen.



Business leaders come to Nicola to learn to still and focus their minds, push the edge of physical possibility and health, harness the power of emotion in service of greater creativity and productivity, and live from their deepest heart’s desire. Without fail, they create different results and life experiences both personally and professionally, the ones of their dreams.

Nicola acts as a clear sounding board and mirror. He is as compassionate as he is challenging, stopping short of nothing to ensure his clients make the progress necessary to create new ground upon which to build greater success and well-being, while stepping solidly on the path to actualizing their human potential.

Central to his offerings are the scientifically validated techniques stemming from the latest research in positive psychology and social-emotional intelligence, both vital to next level success in business and life.

Nicola’s multi-disciplinary approach to the business and corporate world relies heavily on the Enneagram and on the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership model, to bring clarity, empowerment and growth.


Coaching contracts typically last 3 months to a year, and are tailored to meet the needs and goals of the client and organization.

Nicola works one on one with business leaders, teams, and organizations, and uses an integrated model to create customized programs to align leadership, teams, and the organization as a whole.