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Forbes: Three Ways To Enhance Your Empathy To Advance At Work

The key to moving forward no matter where you currently stand in rank, status and earnings is a return to empathy.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to many people in the corporate world, a return to authenticity and a strong expression of empathy-driven traits and skills is what propels leaders forward more than anything else in our current business climate.

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Forbes: How Leaders Can Increase The Productivity Of Their Teams With The Enneagram

When the vice president of a top finance company came to me stressed out, overcompensating for a team that wasn’t performing, I brought his attention to the Enneagram. This piqued his curiosity, and we worked together with this typology system to reveal where this lack of productivity stemmed from.

Huffpost: The Elusive Feeling of Happiness

Happiness is the thing we desire most.  

The elusive feeling of happiness is what motivates everything we do (or don’t do).  It drives our careers. It’s what we’re really hoping to procure any time we buy something. 



Forbes: Does Your Leadership Style Create Drama Or Ownership?

If you ask most business leaders, “Would you like to have a drama-free environment at work?” you'll receive a resounding yes. Ask these same leaders if their current work environment is drama-free, and they might stare a little blankly at you.

Huffpost: The Gift of Presence

Can you remember the last time you were truly present? When you weren’t splitting your attention between the task at hand and your phone, the media, or thoughts unrelated to the moment?



Forbes: Three Ways Top Executives Can Increase Trust In Their Leadership

There are two standard ways the word "integrity" is defined. The first characterizes a strict moral or ethical code. The second relates to integrity’s root word, integor, Latin for "integral" or "full." In my work with top executives, I find those who adopt the second definition are more trusted as leaders by their teams, their close associates and even the public.