"Nicola has been so instrumental in guiding me to look inwardly at my life and my goals, and to reconnect to myself in a more authentic way. His spiritual approach complimented my existing beliefs, while adding a new layer of tools and techniques to improve the relationships with those close to me, including work colleagues and my wife. Since working with Nicola I have also increased motivation in achieving my career goals, and I am a more conscious leader who is attuned to win/win successful outcomes." -Pranay Gupta, VP, Technical Solutions, Media.Net



"Nicola has been guiding me for many years. He has the ability to look inside and pull out the things that seem to be blocking my forward movement. His warmth and humor put me at ease instantly and I always leave our sessions or conversations with a sense of purpose and hope. He has helped me to overcome lifelong fears. I had a huge fear of the water and with his help I was able to break through it and train and do a triathlon. I was able to swim over a mile in the ocean!! I never would have taken on this life changing path without his perfect balance of compassionate encouragement and strong goal setting accountability. My life is better for knowing him and I will forever be grateful for the work we have done together." -Alison Crair, Life and Recovery Coach, Treatment Placement Specialist, Acadia Healthcare-Recovery Division



"I consider myself well-versed in personal growth knowledge and techniques. I never thought coaching could give anymore than what I could give to myself. I was WRONG. Nicola's genuine presence and laser ability to get me to dig deeper and see myself has brought me to greater clarity and healing. He is both compassionate and persistent. He didn't let me get away with any bullsh**. He is fun and straight to the point. I laughed, I cried. He has been instrumental in helping me through my "dark nights" this year. I am forever grateful. He is a blessing." -Lyra Matin, Founder, Core Insight Media


"I have been playing golf professionally since 1999. Over the years I have worked with a few different sports psychologists and they have helped improve my golf game. Last year, at the age of 39 I wanted more than just better golf, I wanted a better life. This is when I met Nicola, and this is when I started on the path to a better life. Nicola has helped me with every aspect of my day to day life. He has helped me with my breathing, meditation, diet, perspective, habits, and preparation for everything that life brings my way. He is a wonderful life coach who truly practices what he preaches and has a fantastic ability to relate to any issues that I present to him. I feel very fortunate for the time I have spent with Nicola. I am currently happier and more successful than I was before we met and I am confident that I will be able to say the same thing next year." -Dan Buchner, Professional Golfer



"Nicola is completely committed to inspiring transformation in people's lives. His capacity to serve is unprecedented. If you're serious about upgrading your life, hire him. If you're not completely committed to enthusiastically examining the gap between where your life IS and where you WANT it to be, go elsewhere. But if you ARE, you've found your guy." -Chris Dorris, Mental Toughness Coach, International Speaker and Author



"I had the pleasure of being introduced to Nicola a couple years ago during a very challenging time in my life. He was the first coach I've had to provide a spiritual, psychological and professional perspective. He taught me things about authenticity, accountability, being present, forgiveness and most importantly, the power of love. Because of Nicola, I now see the world through a completely new lens and am eternally grateful for his guidance, wisdom and friendship." -James Adamy, Karma Consulting Group, Founder



"I have been working with Nicola a little more than a year.  We have worked on many aspects of my life.  One thing helped me the most is to change the perspective of past events.  There were some inopportune incidents happened in my childhood.  These happenings inadvertently and adversely influenced my behaviors in my young adulthood.  I have learned enough to stop their ill effects from affecting my life; yet, they were still staying in the back of my mind.  Never had I thought about changing the perspectives of these events.  As I started working on these past events through Nicola’s coaching, I found that I could accept myself completely without the shadows in my mind.  I become much happier than I used to be.  With this new presence, I am sure, new future will follow.  Thanks, Nicola." -Philip Chen, President and Founder, Apex Computer Systems, Inc.


"To say that he has had a tremendous positive impact on my life would be an accurate statement. He's an outstanding coach because he lives his life from the place that many of us want to live ours, from the heart." -Tim Braheem, M.A., Performance Experts Founder & Head Coach



"Nicola is truly an amazing soul and coach. Every session I had with him seemed to flow so naturally. He is intuitive, insightful, and helps you get results, quickly. He helped me gain much needed clarity about what I truly desire in certain areas of my life, and then helped me manifest some major things. He is so supportive and holds you accountable for your commitments. I always felt so safe in his presence, which allowed me to really open up and uncover some important areas to explore that I was not even aware of. You are sure to see great results with Nicola." -Shazieh Shah, Ad Operations Campaign Manager, Hulu


"We all have the power to create our own sunshine on a rainy day. Nicola solidified my mindset and changed my life. The Empowerment Shift allowed me to uncover strength I never knew I had. It allowed me to let go of so many fears while challenging me to move forward with courage... I learned how to replace fear with love and the amazing success and joy that one's life may be filled with in doing so. My mind is clearer and my heart so much more open to receive love! Throughout my journey with Nicola's guidance, positivity, and encouragement has been instrumental in my transformation and I will be forever grateful to him." -Samantha Schultz, Registered Nurse at UCLA, Fitness Expert


"What a fantastic experience this coaching experience was and still is. I have learned so much about myself, it opened my eyes to so many things that I was not aware of before. Nicola, your presence always feels so calming and comforting. I love all your wisdom and I am looking forward to working with you again soon." -Tina Steinmetz, ex-PRO Tennis Player, NCAA winner, Tennis Instructor and Pilates Instructor, Interior Designer 


"At first I was very reluctant to receive coaching of any kind, my nature being quite solitary like and not ever looking to anyone for help or advice, but I am so thankful. My transformation has been amazing to say the least! I am more accountable for my own actions and more proactive in my business and personal life. I have freed myself from old patterns that do not serve me any longer and not afraid to make things happen in my personal life as well as in my business instead of being a 'bystander' as before and watch things happen to me. I make things happen! I feel with the help of Nicola and the Empowerment Shift group, I am now the strong empowered woman I was meant to be and in charge of my own destiny. A million thanks to Nicola for seeing my true potential and not giving up on me! I am truly grateful for the tools you have shown me and will carry this experience with me for the rest of my successful and empowered life!" -Annukka Vennala, Holistic Practitioner, CMT



"Working with Nicola has truly been a life-changing experience. From our very first session he was able to ask some deeply thought provoking questions, which allowed me to reassess my life and make some huge changes. Nicola was able to compassionately help me to uncover some of my long forgotten potential, and lovingly guide me through the transition from the corporate world, to pursuing a more soul-fulfilling career and a more authentic life. His intuition, intelligence, humor, and commitment to me as a client was unwavering, and I am eternally grateful for all Nicola has done for me. If you're willing to look into your heart and "do your work", then Nicola's enthusiasm, experience and genuine determination as a coach will be crucial for you to achieve your life goals and take that next step!" -Patricia Boes, Training and Development Consultant / Business Coach


"Nicola helped me do my inner work, which freed me up to do the outer work. Ultimately he helped me 'walk my talk' and it feels fantastic! If he can help me break this pattern he can certainly help you. Nicola's unique combination of authority and compassion make him an excellent professional coach. For years I had been telling myself I was going to 'start exercising' and for years I avoided exercise. I had every reason in the world for not following through with my stated intention, something always prevented me from taking care of myself through exercise. I had worked with other coaches to break through the old pattern, without long term success. With Nicola I stopped making excuses and started doing the work, while working on my inner beliefs about value and worth. Our self-sabotaging patterns are ALWAYS about more than we can see and Nicola helped me do my inner work, which freed me up to do the outer work. Ultimately he helped me 'walk my talk' and it feels fantastic! If he can help me break this pattern he can certainly help you." -Joan Hoedel, MA, RN, PCC, Leadership and Resilience Coach



"Nicola's coaching has helped me open my heart to letting go of the past and taking ownership of my "right now"... Nicola offers guidance and suggests change in a way that gives you that aha moment of clarity and insight that has really been there all along, but you are now awake to see and feel it." -Amber Goldhammer, Artist and Entrepreneur

"Nicola has the ability to see things within in you that you are not able to detect. I remember during many of our coaching sessions together that I would be stopped dead in my tracks based on an insight that he presented. Through our work together I learned the ability to look more closely within myself and determine what in me was preventing me from achieving the life I wanted. This strength alone caused me to reach higher, ask for more with confidence, and trust my own abilities to achieve what I was initially afraid of when I walked in on the first day.

I am now a powerful version of myself, one who doesn't believe in personal limitations. I have the tools necessary to keep me on track if I falter or am struck with adversity. I have the strength to continue to expand my abilities, share my unique talents, and know that I am worthy of everything I desire and more. Thanks to Nicola for showing me to not be afraid anymore, and to open my heart to express my hearts desire." -Drew Yacu, Consulting Manager at IBB Consulting Group



"Nicola Albini constantly amazes me. He has a unique ability to shift my perception no matter what kind of challenges I'm facing. My time with Nicola is invaluable and I recommend his coaching to EVERYONE!" -Massimiliano Musina, Entrepreneur, Raincatcher Board of Director

"Nicola is more than a Life - Coach - He nails you on the spot every time “something" is holding you back from being your Authentic self and he is an amazing Guide to assist you in manifesting what you truly want rather than what you think you want. It was amazing working with Nicola!" -Mahankirn Kaur, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Global Yogi and Healer