A New Year, A New Perception

By Nicola Albini, J.D., M.A.

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to get real with ourselves and recognize “what truly is.”

It’s also perfect for letting go of what’s no longer a match for our current state of being, and for releasing what is stale and no longer serves us.

And, of course, it’s the ideal time to welcome in new possibilities.

All three of those activities require trust, openness, and curiosity. We get to see where we are afraid of change, and of the unknown.  We get to feel the raw energy of our desires. We have the opportunity to see where we are fostering our own creative powers and where we are shutting our creativity down and keeping our life force from entering it. 

Powerful manifesters (those people who are able to bring their dreams into reality with ease and grace) understand that the world is not happening to them, but, rather, it’s happening through them, or even as them.

But what does this mean, exactly?

It begins with the acceptance that we are responsible for every aspect of our lives. Every relationship, every opportunity, and every loss we experience is an out-picturing of the marriage between our thoughts and feelings, our karma and our choices, and most of all, our perception.

How we perceive our experiences determines what happens after that, and what happens after that... Perception is the difference between a flower and a weed, an illness and a healing opportunity, a failure and a valuable lesson.

As you begin to craft your reality for 2018, ask yourself:

Am I seeing my life and everyone in it through the eyes of love?
What do I want to see this year?  
What do I want to experience?

A powerful move toward manifesting the answers you give to these questions begins with a commitment to knowing that the opposite of whatever story you’re telling yourself about your life is as true or truer than your original story.

YOU are the source of the filter through which you interpret your life. YOU give meaning to what happens next. And whatever that next thing is, you get to decide if it’s moving you closer toward your dreams or not.  

As the poet Teddy Macker says: “Blessings often arrive as trouble.”

When we let go of our commitment to being right about our stories, we open the door to letting go of all the old baggage we’ve been lugging around for years and no longer need. When we let go of our stories, we open the door to everything.

I wish you all that you desire and require this year to bring your light more fully into the world.  I wish you the experience of being a vessel for Life to live you… wildly, beautifully, abundantly, brilliantly.