Do You Have This 3-Letter Word In Your Life?

By Nicola Albini, J.D., M.A.

In my last email, I opened up about my dissatisfaction with the “push, push, push” model of success.

I got a lot of feedback that it hit home in a pretty deep way.

After that email, I was speaking to a woman who asked me…

“You know how you felt a deeper soul calling to move from external success to following a deeper more fulfilling path?”


“So many people are terrified to leave behind the comfort of the known.”

Which is exactly what’s required to move from success to building a legacy. From success to soul.

But so many people who have tasted material success and external reward refuse this deeper call. It’s just how we’re wired! It’s natural to refuse our call before we’re ready to embrace it.

Resisting your calling can lead you into depression, anxiety and health challenges because going against your own soul, even when your soul’s call seems absolutely crazy to you because it seems crazy to the world, creates a lot of problems.

Then, she asked me, “I’m really curious how you did it! Weren’t you scared?”

“Of course I was scared!”

I was really scared to leave Italy to come to America. I was scared to leave behind 34 years of life. Scared to leave behind my family, my safety net, to jump into a new place where I barely knew anybody. I was scared about what was going to happen, what was going to be unfolding next.

Yet, there was something inside of me that was pulling me. So I found my courage.

You know, courage is from the Latin word COR - a little three letter word that tells us “the root is the heart!”

Despite the fear, I made a conscious choice. The choice was about trusting myself. I felt and thought into my next move. Instead of buying into the fear that would hold me back, I stepped out of my comfort zone into the unknown and stepped onto that plane.

“And then you found your destiny too!” She added, “You probably would have never discovered Spiritual Psychology - you may have stayed an Attorney or a Businessman, if you hadn’t followed that thread.”

“Yes, my destiny found me. If I had stayed in the comfort zone, who knows what would be happening for me today.”

If you’re still with me here reading this, then I know something about you.

You have a thread of destiny pulling you forward.

If that’s the case, you also have fear around it. How could you not?

It’s a normal, human state of mind. But it’s not who you really are.

Who you really are is trust, truth and faith. Even in the unknown leaps we are asked to take to move from a familiar life that’s starting to feel a little dry…
... into the mystery that propels us into authentic living.   

So, my short video for you today is about “Living with Cor.”

Feeling the fear and making a choice anyway. And how wonderful it is on the other side, even if  you’re afraid to take the first step.  

Check it out - and please feel free to comment with your thoughts and feelings.