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3 Hidden Keys
To Real Success

Join Leadership Coach Nicola Albini
for a free 3-part webinar series
designed to help you develop a clear vision to transform your life. 


Part 1: Grow Your Self Awareness
Thursday, August 10th

Part 2: Make Conscious Commitments
Thursday, August 17th

Part 3: Define Your Clear and Authentic Path
Thursday, August 24th

All webinars begin LIVE at 5:00pm PDT / 8:00pm EDT.

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During this 3-part Webinar Series You'll Learn:

  • Discover why the Enneagram is the most powerful tool to truly understand why you do what you do - where you place your attention, your blind spots, your biggest challenges, and your biggest gifts.

  • Learn the power of the 15 commitments of Conscious Leadership and how they invite you to commit and embrace a life that is happening "by you” and “for you" (instead of "to you").

  • Clarify exactly what Authentic Success means to you personally and professionally

  • Take the first steps toward your new authentic success vision

This workshop is designed to be informative, fun and interactive. 


Nicola will draw from his experience with different modalities of transformation to share powerful exercises designed to give you clarity, insight and motivation.